1. Corporates, CSRs and Foundations

HEVA is mandated to work with Corporate institutions’ ambitions to address concerns of workforce welfare, dignity and productivity while shifting away from Corporate ‘Charity’ and ‘Philanthropy’ to Social Justice Investment. We support Corporates with identifying and designing mediations that are deeply contextualised to the local socio-cultural realities and carry the potential to build not just businesses but relationships of mutual trust and respect. 

2. Academia

Academia has immense scope in establishing and reinforcing a discursive language on Rule of Law and the Corporate goals. We need Academic research to supplement and question our understanding of Rule of Law and to, accordingly, build interventions on. 
We actively engage with established academics, policy and law based think tanks and student associations in roles of mentors, partners and collaborators. 

3. Incubators

One of our key projects is establishing incubators on University campuses that provide knowledge and resource support to students and young people interested in the narratives of Rule of Law. We respect the nuances and novel perceptions younger minds bring to reading rule of law, hence holding space for their multiple imaginations of an equal and justice-led society. 

4. Government

HEVA intends to engage with Government functionaries as an important stakeholder within the Rule of Law Ecosystem and bring them to the dialogical space that will be created as part of our work. As we acknowledge the duty and authority of the State and their Institutions in ensuring and upholding Fundamental Rights and Legal rights of the citizens, the presence of Government functionaries is crucial

5. Key Influencers

HEVA recognizes the role Key Influencers can play, especially those who are associated with the Private Sector and the CSO  in providing the required nudge to the Industry Captains to invest in Rule of Law work in partnership with CSOs. HEVA shall invite such Key Influencers in the colloquiums and other dialogical spaces that will emerge from our work